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Local Files won't play

Local Files won't play

I used a website to change a video from youtube to an mp3 (my friend put something on youtube and i want to be able to listen to it on spotify). The mp3 went to itunes automatically, it doesnt have cover art or an artist or an album or anything but the name. I put it into a playlist and then imported the playlist and put it on spotify (which worked for all my other itunes songs), but the song is greyed out and when i try to play it it says 'This song is not avaliable. If you have the file on your computer you can import it.' How do I do that if not from itunes? or is it because the song doesnt have any information to it (album name, artist, etc...)?

I use a mac.

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Hi! @user-removed  🙂


To do a proper local files sync, follow the steps of this Tutorial.

I personally recommend you to create a single folder to put all the local files you want to sync.


Let me know how did it go. 🙂


This is not working for me. I have a mac os x (10.10.5) on a 2011 macbook pro. Only some local files are playing on the desktop app, like a tiny tiny fraction, less than 10%.


Already did a clean re-install of the app. 


I have 4,121 local files. Is this just a matter of its taking a long time for those to sync properly with spotify? 


Thanks for your help.

Just started a similar topic, then came across your post and wondered if you ever managed to fix it. I'm also running 10.10.5 on an old MacBook Pro (2009), and nothing will play or be queued. Not the slightest trace of any error message either. Since I just started with Spotify I can't say if any of this would've worked in older versions.

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