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Looking for a song... recently on Rap Uk

Looking for a song... recently on Rap Uk

Hi all,


This song was on Rap Uk less than two weeks ago but has recently been updated...


I physically cannot find it anywhere and it isn’t on the playlist anymore or any similar.


It pretty much goes like “my baby is (cold/gold ish), she’s fleeky from her head down to her toes. *something about flowers* she don’t like em’ no, she we comprimised and I got her some roses”


any ideas ???





1 Reply

Hey there @Rhiannapig
The availability of music on Spotify is mainly up to the Record Label or the artist.

Unfortunately, the Record Label or The Artist probably decided to not have their music available for streaming on Spotify. You should try contacting the Record Label, and ask them why that Album/Song isn't on Spotify

If you want more info on this, you can learn more here
Have a nice day!

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