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Lot of Music suddenly missing


Lot of Music suddenly missing

Over the past few days I've noticed a lot of my favourite music has suddenly gone missing... I noticed on friday with Battle Beast's Unholy Saviour, but having taken a closer look there are also several Nightwish albums, most of Sabaton's Heroes, Hammerfall's (r)evolution missing.. 
Does anyone know how this works? Does this happen more often, and did I just not notice it? Will the music likely become available again at a later time? 


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Can you find these albums using search feature? Are they only missing in your playlist?

No, I cannot find them with the search function, and they only seem to actually appear in my playlists if I turn on the "show unavailable songs in playlists" option. They do stay in my collection, though naturally unplayable.

songs from slayer machinehead thy art is murder are all missing..

Do the same also occur, if you try it using Web Player?

Yep, same thing on the Web Player. I used to have them downloaded on my laptop but it seems to have erased them at one point or another.. Shame, I might've been able to just import them..

Seems there might be something funny going on with the label.. Right now most music by all the artist mentions shows up on the artist page as not saved for me (although they do still show up in my collection, if I add them again it just adds another copy of the songs). Let's hope the missing albums will surface again soon, all of them are really good ones as well 😞

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Great, thanks a lot for the info! Looks like they are in the process of fixing it (judging by the songs which are currently being replaced or something since they do no longer show up as saved to my collection).

As of yet, the Sabaton album and one of the Nightwish ones are available again.. Looks like Napalm is slowly but surely getting its **bleep** together.

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