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Lyrics that were removed despite any restrictions on Musixmatch

Lyrics that were removed despite any restrictions on Musixmatch

Hi! I am a lyric curator for Musixmatch and I had a question that maybe the Spotify team could give insight on for future reference. There are some songs that we curators have worked on and submitted, and while they show up for a few days, they have now been removed. This would make sense if the songs were restricted through Musximatch, however, these songs aren't restricted and show up on every other Streaming platform but Spotify with the source coming from Musixmatch.
For example:
This song has an Artists that is verified through Musixmatch and while they have every other song lyric on the album, this one doesn't

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However, it does show on Youtube Music with the source coming from Musixmatch and is just recently updated. 
Is this a bug on Spotify's side?
Or is this related to copyright restrictions outside of Musximatch's hand? 
Thank you for your time! 

Not sure if the source of the problem is the same, but all the lyrics of Eminem are gone randomly and too.

Yeah, I am a Curator too and this is very annoying. Please, Spotify, fix this. 

Same here, I'm a MusixMatch Curator.

I've seen plenty of lyrics just disappear overnight for no reason, lyrics that are not restricted by the artists/labels and that are still not visible to this day. This happens from time to time and it's really annoying, I don't know if it's a bug or what but there should be a channel for us Curators to communicate with Spotify when it happens. 


I want to add that a lot of lyrics are not updating correctly on Spotify as well, for some reason.


Please confirm you're trying to work on a solution?

I came across this post while looking for something else, and I'm responding in case anyone else comes across this post later.

I have been a Curator myself for several years.
I would like to remind you that as Curator, I have, and you too if you are, a contact with the Musixmatch team.

You are talking about a problem that can have two reasons :

  1. Either it is a restricted lyric.
    In this case the lyrics are not available for display for Spotify, for reasons of copyright or choice linked to the artists concerned. This is the case for all of Eminem's lyrics, for example. You can check this by going to a lyric page, without being logged in as a Curator. If you see "Restricted Lyric" instead of the lyrics displayed, this is the case.
    Neither Spotify nor Musixmatch will be able to do anything, only artists can solve the problem.
    It happens that for some artists this is not intentional, but linked to a copyright problem, which only they can resolve by Artist by contacting Musixmatch.
  2. Or a so-called “catalogue updating” problem.
    The causes that can lead to this type of problem are multiple, but in short it is the fact that the lyrics are no longer properly linked to the Spotify music. This is the most common and easily solvable problem :
    1. If you are a Curator, you received an invitation to join the Slack dedicated to Curators, allowing you to chat between Curators and with the Musimatch team, in your email informing you that you have become a Curator.
      In this Slack, a channel named "#catalogue-issues" is present.
      All you have to do is request a "refresh" specifying the link to the album concerned (even if it only affects one track, send the album link).
    2. If you are not a Curator, you can join the community Slack open to all.
      You will have a channel in this Slack with the same name "#catalogue-issues", and you will have to do the same thing, that is to say request a "refresh" and specify the link of the album concerned.

If there are no other specific issues and the lyrics are not restricted, then the lyrics will be available for viewing on Spotify within 24 to 72 hours.


I emphasize that Spotify is not responsible and cannot do anything regarding these two problems, and that solutions are already in place to correct them, where possible.

If you have specific questions regarding the Curator or the lyrics, I invite you to join the CuratorSlack or Community Slack.
If you are a Curator but have lost the email informing you that you have become a Curator, you can request an invitation by contacting a Curator on the Community Slack. It's not a problem.

Thank you for reading.

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