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Make unavailble songs available again

Make unavailble songs available again

Dear Spotify community,


I have an extensive playlist since 2015. For no reason the songs that I added 5 years ago are not available anymore. I miss the songs and I know from the import function that Spotify searches for an available song if the original is unavailable. I did a sample and all the songs I miss are available on Spotify, allthough maybe the original is deleted. Normally I would add these songs again by hand, but since I miss 806 out of 2213 songs this would cost a while. 


Does anybody know how to make these songs available again? I live in the Netherlands if that matters. I searched the forums a lot and the things I found didn't help. 


The playlist in question:


Thanks in advance,



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Hello, SilentScreamer.


Greyed out means the content is no longer available. This can happen if licensing agreements with the artist/labels, or ownership of rights, has changed.


Hopefully it will reappear soon.


Stay safe!

Thanks for the reply. The point is, that these songs are in fact online in Spotify, only greyed out in my playlist. This means somehow it won't load from the original place. Is re-adding the songs the only option?

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