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Miami Vibes Playlist


Miami Vibes Playlist

Hey guys,


unfortunately, I just noticed that the Miami Vibes Playlist created by Spotify Germany has disappeared.

Can anyone tell me if this playlist will come back online again? Or does anyone still know the tracks and its content?

Other playlists like Tropical House or Chilliger House sound similar, but it's obviously not the same....





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Would this be the playlist you are referring to in your post?


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Would this be the playlist you are referring to in your post?




Yes, it is. Thanks a lot!

How could you find it?



What I did is I searched for Tropical House playlist and pulled it up, and looked at the playlist description information and which Spotify Playlist team created the playlist, which the playlist information showed it was Spotify Deutschland, and then clicked on the Spotify team name to go to their playlist page, where I clicked on SEE ALL, and scrolled through all those playlists and looked through until I found Miami Vibes playlist sitting there. 🙂


Was a bit more difficult finding the playlist through keyword search just using Miami Vibes, as there was so many user playlists titled that way. I went around this by going off of the other playlist titles you posted to find it that way.


Also just as an FYI do not forget to archive those songs into one of your own personally owned playlist, as these Spotify curated playlists change all the time, the songs listed change every couple of weeks to several months sometimes.

Alright, that was a good idea I didn't come up with. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Is there another way to find this? I followed your way but it didn't work. Tropical Love playlist that I searched for was not created by Spotify Deutschland. 


Please help! 



Sorry I meant tropical house. 



Yes you are correct Tropical House is not curated by that playlister group, just noticed it now, oops should have corrected my original post. I did use the search term Tropical House as the user said those playlists sounded similar, got things crossed up my apologies.

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