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Missing Music...why?


Missing Music...why?

Can someone explain why the following albums have recently gone missing:


Pavement - "Brighten The Corners"

Pavement - "Terror Twilight"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Pisces Iscariot"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Adore"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "The Tyranny Of Distance"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Hearts Of Oak"

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Shake The Sheets"


Is there an ETA for the return of any of these?


Also...Is there any chance that the following will be added soon:


Built To Spill - "There Is Nothing Wrong With Love"

Modest Mouse - "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About"

Modest Mouse - "The Loneseome Crowded West"

Modest Mouse - "Building Nothing Out Of Something"

Genesis - "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"

Peter Gabriel

Pink Floyd

John Lennon


Your competitors seem to have them...

108 Replies

Älskling by Commando M Pigg missing. There is a link to Spotify when Google searching the song but once there it is inactive. Only some of the songs of the compilation album "Kungen av maj folket av juni" are available.

Abounch of BTS songs are gone now like Save Me, I NEED U, We Are Bulletproof, pt 2 and No More Dream

Why is Pretty Good at drinkin beer by Billy Currington not on Spotify?



My favorite Song - Be the Change by MC Yogi seems to have vanished -


Can we please get it back?


Thank you,


I had da-kmoneyyyy - come outside but it disappeared would like to know why


there is this one song called black friday by j cole and kendrick lamar and its not up on spotify and i went on this one playlist that actually had it but it said it was unavailable

Yes! I would love to have Andalouse on Spotify, but the whole Kendji album is unavailable. Why is this?

Yes, I miss running away from three days grace in my playlist so much, also no tomorrow from saint asonia

Way too many Saxon albums missing 

and too many artists where albums  disappear 

Twilight zone only song on iron maiden killers 

just forgot to put it back in

wasp lots missing 


can keep going on

Spotify is not a steaming service for serious listeners 


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