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Missing Prince song?

Missing Prince song?

I noticed that one of Prince's songs is missing, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" is missing. I know that he was known as "Love Symbol", "TAFKAP" or "The Artist" in the 90s, but the closest there is in Spotify is a song by "Purple". Is it the same? Are any other songs by "The Artist" period missing? Thanks in advance.

6 Replies

I'd love to know why this is too!!

I miss it to, on wikipedia it says that the song was part of an album called the Gold Experience and it was released under a different label than his normal label in 1995. Maybe there is no deal with that label and Spotify (NPG Reords and Edel Music and distributed by Bellmark Records). Normally Warner Bros was his label. Regardless it is a fantastic song.

Yes, true. This song was released outside of his normal record deal. You may notice that most Prince albums on Spotify were released by Warner Bros. and virtually none from other labels appear here.

I'm just wondering - what is Spotify doing about it? 

Spotify got nothing to do with this. It's a legal issue with an Italian artist who claim copyright. Apparently, parts of the song is similar to parts of his own song. Or something. I really hope the Estate sort this out soon!


Clarifies, thanks. Uhhhm legal rights, well the title is then partly  ‘stolen’ from Charlie Rich 😂😂😂

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