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Missing songs in the Eurovision 2020 playlist

Missing songs in the Eurovision 2020 playlist

The Eurovision 2020 playlist by Spotify is missing at least two songs: Malta and Ukraine. Armenia is showing up twice.

4 Replies

Hi Funkaloss!

Thank you for posting in the Spotify Community!

The availability of a song depends on agreements between Spotify and right holders.
I suggest you to read this thread.

You can also submit your music requests here. 

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer. I still don't understand why the songs aren't in
the playlist, though. The maltese and ukrainian songs are both on Spotify.
I still don't understand why the armenian song appear twice either.

I've seen that the playlist is not made by Spotify but by a guy named Scott Elk. He probably did a mistake adding twice the Armenian song and forgetting the Maltese and Ukrainian ones.
You could try reaching him out personally and advising him about the mistakes.

Hope this helps.

This is the playlist:

Of course it's not a huge deal because there are other playlists and you
can make your own. As far as I can see this playlist is by Spotify and I
expected more from an official one.

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