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Money making scam?

Money making scam?

A few days ago someone somehow logged in to my Spotify account so we've been sharing it (until I kicked them out today).


They listen mostly to artists like Nicole Suber, T Mian, Bae Touk and Dj Doofy - all of them pretty good electronic music producers with ~5k monthly listeners each, and absolutely 0 online presence apart from their music being released to Spotify, Beatports, Amazon Music etc'. They don't have a Facebook page, a single media appearance, a YouTube channel, have never played a live concert, nada. All their tracks are pretty short, too, about 1:30 each, and have abrupt starts and ends. I could imagine these tracks being sold on a service that provides music for commercials.

The only explanation I could come up with is that this is a way to make money.


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That's a shame. I read another post here today about people (or bots) entering someone's account and streaming artists with no online presence at all. Try changing your password to avoid people entering your account. I hope this helps.

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