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“Mood at time of the day” playlist gone?

“Mood at time of the day” playlist gone?

I’m a premium user on iOS, and the playlist that groups together words that describe your ‘listening habits’ at a certain time of the day appears to have been discontinued. I don’t know about anyone else, but my friends and I loved seeing what names would show up and what music would be associated with the time of day and words. “Obsessed milk saturday night” was one of my favorites, as well as “confused soggy afternoon”. If this feature really has been discontinued, please bring it back!! I loved these playlists and listened to them every day, this feature was creative, reliable, and very fun to interact with!


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YES I’ve just discovered mine has been privated! I’m so sad it was amazing to have another option to discover music that’s constantly changing as opposed to once a week on my discover weekly. 

Just posting here so folks are aware: there's another thread discussing this! Fingers crossed this feature comes back.

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