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My daily mixes just suck and there is no way to dislike

My daily mixes just suck and there is no way to dislike







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My daily mixes suck so bad and they seem to get worse every day


I have no idea how Spotify decides to choose these songs for me and there is no way to tell I dislike these songs 


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Hey @Armand,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Keep in mind that the entries in your Daily Mixes are largely based on your personal likes, but also on your region and the music libraries of users with similar tastes. That's why it might take a while for the list to get filled with more songs that haven't come up on your radar yet. Note that on mobile devices you can like/hide the tracks there.


You can help the algorithm by reworking your library with new liked songs and albums and exploring new genres or sets of artists. This should give the system a boost and will often mean that a couple of weeks later, you'll start getting more diverse Daily Mixes!


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

Mihail Moderator
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The more songs I like the worse the selection seems to get and the button to dislike songs seems to have disappeared for months now, when will spotify fix that bug?

Hey @Armand,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


You can still ''dislike'' songs from your Daily Mixes by tapping on Hide this song, either on the Now Playing view, or by tapping on the 3-dot context menu next to the song's title. This option is only available in the mobile app.


Remember that the songs added to your Daily Mixes are based on your listening activity. We also suggest checking this article for tips on how to improve the playlists made for you.


If you need a hand with anything else, we're always a post away.


Take care!

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Hiding and disliking are not the same at all and hiding a song is very inconvenient unlike missing dislike button bug, seriously why is it so hard to fix this bug?

I have found a solution for this problem: I have canceled my subscription and moved on to Deezer

Best solution out there. Spotify does NOT care what we think of how they mess with and take away mixes and content we love

The Daily Mixes keep showing German Rock music, wich I dont really like. I keep deleting them, but it keeps coming back wich is really annoying.

One day I logged in and all of my 'Daily Mix' playlists were completely different and featuring music / artists I have never listened to. They have always changed a little based on what I play, but today all of them are not sampling from my play history. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Lucky you,  how did you manage to do that? I get the same songs over and over and over again 

Look. All the music on my “daily mix 1” is terrible in my opinion. It is completely off my taste. For reference I listen to a little hip-hop, reggae, 60s-70s rock and some EDM. The daily mix is full of modern poorly produced and hard to listen to electronic music. I can’t see where Spotify made the conclusion that I liked this music. I haven’t listened or “liked” anything of the sort. Yes I can hide each and every song individually. However, I don’t have the patience right now. And frankly think it’s not hard for Spotify to deal with this in some way. For instance a way to hide the entire playlist would be great! Thanks.

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