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Nazi music in Spotify

Nazi music in Spotify

I saw that there is nazi music in spotify that is reachable from regions that are not allowed to by law to have this kind of music. I wanted to ask if you are working on ban for this music in countries like the ex eastern block and Germany WHERE THEY HAVE LAWS against nazi stuff?

2 Replies

Hi @Grebenyt,


We completely understand. The music in our catalogue comes from hundreds of thousands of record companies and aggregators all over the world, and those are at first hand responsible for the content they deliver.


However, we also have an internal review process on ‘offensive content’ which seeks to remove any illegal and offensive content from Spotify. There’s more info here.


Thanks again for your feedback. Rest assured, we’ll pass it on to the relevant team.

In my country "nazi" music or whatever isnt ilegal 
i dont think you should remove it because its just music 
i know what everyones says about "hate spech" but comunism is genocide 
and theres a lot of comunist band, playlist and songs 
what about anarchy bands talking about streetfight riot and destruction 
isnt that hate spech? 
most of the "nazi" songs from germany i've heard talk about stories of german soldiers fighting to defend his country and family from the soviet rapers and the usa bombers. 
i would also like to ear more RAC and "nazi" songs in spotify as any other genre like heavy metal 
why u have tu persecute things like that because 1 single progree is crying for that 
i mean 
im paying too and i would like less censorship in spotify 
because thats what music its all about 
the message that you want to show to everyone that ear your songs 

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