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Need Help Finding a Song!

Need Help Finding a Song!

If anyone can help me find this song, that would be great. Unfortunately I don't know too much about it. It was one of the first songs on Spotify's "Mellow Beats" playlist from around New Years 2018. If anyone has a track list from that playlist from that time, or is willing to help try to find it, that would be great. It is sort of a chill edm song with no lyrics but a cool beat drop. Any help is appreciated!

6 Replies

Could you be more specific? The music in this playlist is all as you described it.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else I can use to describe the song. The important part is that it was on the track list from New Years 2018, so I think the best way to find it would be to try and find the list, but I’ve had no luck looking online, I’m hoping that a Spotify user may have it saved.

what sort of genre would it fit under. also have you tried to contact spotify support?

Hey! Have you tried humming the song into Shazam? I know that works for me sometimes lol

I think it’s considered EDM. I have contacted support, but even with all the data they collect on their users, they still deny the ability to help them find an old song. I was even more shocked when they said they couldn’t provide the track list, even though it’s a Spotify created playlist. 

I have not tried humming it to Shazam, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to it, I’m not even sure id get the right tune or beat, but it’s a cool thought!

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