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Need Help Finding a song

Need Help Finding a song

Hello!  I have a peculiar problem.  I had heard a song a number of times on one of the spotify playlists.  I believe it was either Chill Tracks or Chillout Lounge, or something similar.


I'm certain that I added the song as a favorite, or to "my list", but I can't find it.  I don't know the name or artist sadly, I just can't remember.


The song started with the sound of water/ocean.  It had no vocals.  It had a catchy refrain (chorus of violins?) and a general sound of the mediterranean....that's the only way I can describe it.


I realize this is a long shot, but I've been scouring the Spotify playlsits with no luck.  Is there any way to view playback history?  If not, is it possible to view most played songs?  I know that I played it quite often in Aug/Sept of last year.


I'm even willing to pay a reward, as this is starting to drive me NUTS 😄

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I am doubtful that this is your song, but even if it's not, here is another catchy song with ocean noises!

Sincere thanks for the reply.  It isn't the song, but it does have a similar sound.


It had a similar sound/feel to "Maurice Ravel Bolero".


This is driving me nuts 🙂  I'm willing to post a reward!

I'll keep an eye out!

ooh it's painful when that happends, would love to help but all I can think of is far too abstract.

I found it!!!! So satisfying! 🙂

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