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Need to update new music

Need to update new music

I listen to electronic music and every time I Shazam a song, Spotify doesn't have it. If Shazam has it, Spotify should have it. Might cancel my subscription and subscribe to YouTube so I can get all my music
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Hi @Nicole417, welcome to the Community!


Spotify adds everything they have the rights to.  That means that if an artist/record label has given permission for their music to be put on Spotify, it's already there!  One of my favorite things about Spotify is how they're constantly working to add more music, and more songs get added every day.  You can check that out in the New Releases section!

I totally understand how you want more music added.  The best thing to do in that case is to contact the artist you want added, or their record label, and talk to them about how you want their music on Spotify.  Another option is to fill out this form to tell Spotify about what music you wish was available.  Now, that doesn't guarantee your music will show up, but it helps Spotify guage interest in artists.  


I hope that helps you!  Let me know if there's anything else I can do. 


P.S.- an electronic song for you 🙂


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