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Nothing social anymore about Spotify

Nothing social anymore about Spotify

Today I found out that in the section "Discovered On" there are no other playlists anymore than the ones curated by Spotify themselves. They don't support people to create their own playlists and keep promoting nothing else than their own stuff. Another big disappointment in a line of many.


2 Replies

Hi Daniel.

If Spotify shows other people's playlists in discovered on section , Spotify Community would loose idea of sharing. We share our playlists in the community and also in discover section there are many musicians we have not listened and discovered yet are shown us by Spotify so it is convenience. Isn't it ?

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I will look on in different point after your topic.

Have a great week 🙂

Hi there! 


I think spotify is trying to find music they think you will like, instead of being social. I think maybe spotify could say, "reccomended accounts or playlists for you" to make it social. 


If you want to be social, you can share your link to people you know and they can friend you, so you can see their playlist. Also, you can always go on Spotify Community to see what others are litsening to as well as finding and following people on Spotify downloaded on your computer. 


Hope this helps! 


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