Notice of removal of your edit content


Notice of removal of your edit content


Buenas tardes,


Alguien reporto mi playlist y comenzaron a borrar el titulo constantemente, no explicaron cual fue el conflicto ni aclaran el detalle o en que dato estuvo el error.


solo añaden esto:



We’ve received notice that an image and/or description on one of your playlists has been reported as including inappropriate or offensive content and violates our Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines. Therefore, we’ve removed the image and/or description from the playlist on Spotify. Please note: the playlist itself has not been removed.

If you believe you received this notice in error, please respond back to this email with an appeal within five (5) business days and we will look into the case.

All the best,
Spotify Customer Service Team"


Y me llega un correo de eso cada que intento cambiar el nombre del playlist.


Me pueden apoyar?

Ya que no importa que nombre le cambie, siempre lo borran.




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Re: Notice of removal of your edit content


If you believe its a mistake then just respond back to the email with an appeal of why you think yor content shouldn't be removed.