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Option to disable Made for you feature

Option to disable Made for you feature

The 'made for you' feature being an automatic feature on so many playlists is just meaning every single playlist sounds the same and has the same songs in it! 


The reason I want to listen to a different playlist is because I want new music not to be pushed the exact same songs I am already listening to - half of them don't even match the genre. 


An option to disable this feature and just listen to the default Spotify version would be really useful as it is getting really tedious. 


Also sometimes you listen to a playlist with someone else and your like oh I really like these tracks they share the playlist and then it's all different because you are logged in. Seems to defeat the object of a playlist.






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Hey there @eleanorjane92


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. We moved your post from the Ideas board to the relevant Help board, where it fits better.


Keep in mind that the Made for you playlists are based on your listening habits (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening habits of others with similar taste. In this case, it's expected for the app to suggest similar songs to the ones you usually listen to. If you'd like to discover new music, you can also use the Radio feature or head to Search and choose a category where you'll find a lot of playlists made by Spotify. 

On another note, when another user shares one of their Made for you playlists with you, you should be able to listen to it as it is, even if you're logged in to your account.


If that's not how it works on your end, would you mind giving us more info on what you're experiencing? Also, sending us some screenshots would come in handy. You can attach them to your next response by using the Insert image option in the post editor. Make sure not to send any private info.


We'll be on the lookout.

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Hi Eni,


Thanks for your reply. 


Yes that is not what I was experiencing. Even when I listened to the radio it is still ends up being the same songs. 

When my friend shared the link to their playlist I click in and then it changes the songs and says at the top made for ellie.08.x. It's really odd cause literally all playlists I listen to seem to be made of the same 100 songs and I can't seem to escape them! Driving me a bit crazy but don't want to have to delete my account and start again. 

This was the playlist that was shared with me:

As you can see it has my user name under it.


The tracks have changed since last week than when posting a lot closer to the spotify version with a lot more variety and tracks that I haven't seen before. Last week it was basically my liked playlist on shuffle which didn't fit into the category of music at all and any radio or playlist I selected was the same. So maybe the issue has been fixed. I really hope so! Included screen grab incase it helps anyway.


I do enjoy the made for you feature but I think having the option to toggle it on and off could be a useful feature for when you are hosting people and don't necessarily want it to just be your music or if you feel that the tracks are too samey. 


Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 09.05.58.png





Hey @eleanorjane92,


Thanks for getting back to us!

We're glad to hear that eventually everything works as it should for you! 


It looks like you're new to the Community. Have you checked out our Music exchange section? You can find song recommendations that you may like!


Also, if you want you can go ahead and introduce yourself here in this thread as well! 


If you ever have any other questions in the future, feel free to post in the Community again!


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I am having exactly the same problem. Half of my playlists have become "Made for [my name]". I have removed them all from my Library, hoping that I can later come back and re-add them in their original form. But this didn't work (when I visit those playlists, they are still "made for me"). 

I also tried "Exclude from your taste profile" but after doing that the playlist is still "Made for [...]".

I really liked the original version of those playlists, and now it's lost forever.

The nuclear option would be to delete my account then restart a fresh one, but I hope I can find a solution before doing that.

Has anyone been able to find a way to turn off the "Made for" feature for playlists?

Is there a way to disable the made for me playlists?  I noticed Spotify mixes custom playlists in with official Spotify playlists.  I really dislike custom playlists.  I only want to listen to Spotify official playlists.  How do I disable or reset custom “made for me” playlists?







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I'd like to go back to seeing original playlists, not the "Made for me" versions. For example, the Punk Classics playlist had some Kate Bush in it. Why? because I listen to her music?! Makes no sense.


Attached is another example of another completely messed up playlist.


Please let me disable the Made for you option. All of the official Spotify playlists have become untrustworthy now.


I've been a premium user since 2014 and I've never seen this before. Such a mess. 


I would love to know too, as I'm considering deleting my Spotify because of this... I like to discover new music rather than be fed similar songs that Spotify thinks I like through AI.

+1. My Spotify account is eating its own tail. Artist Radio used to be a great way for me to discover new music. But the "[Artist Radio] - Made for you" keeps recycling the same songs from elsewhere in my listening history. At this rate, every playlist on my account is just going to be the same J. Cole song. 

I want to be able to disable the "Made for You" modifier, either by playlist, or as a whole across my account. The "Daily Mix" playlists fill that void perfectly well. 

I’ve been using Spotify since the US launch and I’m strongly considering the nuclear option you mentioned. All of my playlists are regurgitated now - just the same songs over and over. I can’t seem to find playlists that aren’t “made for you”. 

I'm having the same issue. I used to LOVE Spotify. Now it thinks I want to hear the exact same songs over and over. Why even bother streaming music? I could just be listening to CDs if this is what I wanted. 

I also agree with the frustration discussed above. The 'Radio' feature for certain songs and artists are also "Made for [user]", not just songs from Spotify. I love making my own playlists and if I have certain songs I want to keep listening to, I can through those. I like to listen to Spotify official playlists to get new inspiration and new sounds, but now that is impossible due to the Made For feature. Is there a way to disable this? I need to start listening to user-made playlists to avoid listening to the same stuff. Why is there not an option to disable "Made for [user]"? Do people enjoy this feature?

It is really, really irritating. So frustrating. I already have liked songs in my liked songs list, I don't need them serving up time and time again in every single made for you list. Have also had the same with friend's lisst sounding cool and not being able to receive the same play list as it makes it for me. The comment about if this is what we wanted we'd listen to CDs is bang on. I want to discover new music, sometimes not at all related to what I've already liked.

Add me to the list. Drives me crazy. I frequently want to switch it up to a different, albeit adjacent, genre, but the playlist is "made for" me and is half full of songs that were on the playlist I had on yesterday. It's a terrible "feature" that desperately needs an opt-out option. 

Hey, you didn’t actually read this person’s message. This issue did not resolve itself. There are a lot of other people in this thread with the same complaint. I’m considering dropping premium.

Hey Moderator,

I don’t think you actually read the original poster’s message. The issue is not resolved. They had to change their listening habits in order to start getting different music in their feed. Myself, and a lot of other people posting in this feed want playlists that are not considering our listening habits so that we can get exposed to new music.

Hey Spotify, do you have a solution for this? How do I turn off "made for you"? It's ruining all of my favourite/current favourite songs. 

Agree with all the users in this thread. I have a family plan, so as a work around I have set up a couple variant accounts just to try and re-wire Spotify’s “Made for me” profile for various moods I’m in.

Tik tok has a new feature outside the US that lets you turn off their algorithm and just view universal content. Spotify needs to adopt that too.  
Listening to music should be an expansive experience that exposes us to everything. Spotify’s algorithm just feeds us what we liked listening to over the past year but it excludes way too many deep tracks and interesting stuff. It makes it really hard to discover stuff that’s new and unusual to us and it’s made me look at other streaming services that make it easier for me to listen to a broader spectrum of songs. 

Wanted to voice this concern as well. I can’t seem to escape the same songs anymore. I’ve found myself listening to less and less music because every playlist is “made for you”. I want to discover new music (and my discover weekly playlist has lately been pulling in songs and artists I already listen to). I’m so sick of the made for you feature. It’s really ruined Spotify for me and am considering leaving it because I just become so frustrated that every playlist and radio serves me the same songs that I’ve already skipped or already have on my personal playlists. Please consider an opt out option or my free trial of Apple Music will be where I migrate to. 

They’ve had two years to fix this. TWO YEARS. This app has rendered itself useless. The responses from their team on the issue was the last straw. Never thought I’d consider switching to Apple until now. 

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