Option to only allow family friendly ads


Option to only allow family friendly ads


Why would anyone let their children listen to Spotify when up comes: "Trojan man. Trojan man, answering questions for every **bleep**-having human." Biiigggg eye roll. It's a bit much for a lot of grown people, but I hate to think of other people having a tiny audience around as I often do, and if it doesn't belong on day time TV it doesn't belong here. There should at least be an option to say, "this ad is offensive to me" like there is on FB and Insta so little ears or just people who don't enjoy that don't have to hear it again. I get it, you want us to pay for premuim and you're making a lot of money with those ads, but I am certain you're sweeping tons of similar complaints under the rug. There HAS to be a way to fix this and I'm sure you could think of a clever way to compromise. Really just a stupid decision all around.

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There's an ongoing issue about the issue you mentioned.

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Re: Option to only allow family friendly ads

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So this has been an "ongoing issue" for 7 years?  the first post was in 2012 and the last update was a year ago with just some generic 'personalized ads' reply?  Will it actually be addressed or will it just continuously be 'ongoing'?  Several people have requested ads with profanity or inappropriate content to be able to be filtered- thousands of users, yet nothing has been actually done since it was first requested 7 years ago.  Ridiculous.