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Pearl Jam by Pearl Jam unavailable

Pearl Jam by Pearl Jam unavailable

I noticed today the self-titled Pearl Jam album has gone missing from spotify but I haven't been able to find any news about it.I discovered this today when attempting to find "Come Back" in my playlist.


Just wondering if there is any news about when we're getting this album back. Thanks


EDIT: just editing to say, I'm in Australia

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Yeah just like Backspacer, suddenly gone, although there are no songs left this time.

Yes, the same here in Argentina. No one answered what happened with the Backspacer albúm too, and now this. We need to know 😞

I really want to know this too, not only these albums but some Eddie Vedder songs as well. Maybe is some copyright problem, but there are no news talking about it

Availability of music on Spotify is up to the artists (or representatives) and / or their labels. Music missing can be a decision of one of them.

the album is back on spotify as of now, i discovered this when listening to my large playlist on shuffle haha. seems like spotify is just slow at renewing their licenses. Also great at communication /s

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