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Pendulum's albums not available - Hold Your Colour & Immersion

Pendulum's albums not available - Hold Your Colour & Immersion

Update 2015-10-18: Both Hold Your Colour and Immersion are now available! I'm so glad - finally! 😄

So I think you can close this thread now.



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Heard rumours of a possibility of a new album too!


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Now available (at least in Norway): Pendulum – Hold Your Colour


Not sure which countries may have it but a lot of breakbeat kaos is now available in the UK. Including most of the Pendulum releases.

Unfortunately the obvious tag label:breakbeatchaos doesn't get any results so not sure what it's classed as in the spotify library.

Immersion finally showed up on Pendulum's band page last Sunday! And Hold Your Colour has been on Spotify for more than 1 year and 2 months. So now everything's as it should be! 🙂

Why is the "Tarantula" being played when you try to play "Hold Your Colour" !???

Did something go wrong at Spotify?

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