Phil Collins Face Value original release cannot be found

Phil Collins Face Value original release cannot be found


This is generally about the effect loudness wars on the spotify library

I am unable to find the original release for Face Value through the search bar, all I get is the meant-for-terrible-stock-iphone-headphones remasters. But i have "In the air tonigh" saved in my music, and when I use that track to switch to the album its contained in i get the original album (picture still changes to the remaster picture of old phil collins when i play a song) with no foul remastering mentioned.

What gives? Am still being redirected to the remastered version without it being mentioned?

Also, the general lack original releases, but the abudance of endless special compilations and radio edits is very dissapointing. For Talking Heads i barely found a compilation from 1992 or something where the sound isnt smeared all over the place. not the full original albums, but its something.

f it is so easy to include all the useless deluxes, why is it so insanely hard to include the original version? (That would be the main question of this rant)

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Yeah, great. Another one- David Bowie Station to Station. Through search there two version to be found- 1999 remaster (one of the rare remasters which doesnt butcher the original completely) and a special edition (better sound quality). But on the throwback thursday playlist there is a David Bowie song with from Station to Station US Version. This album cannot be found manually. It just shows up if there is a song on some playlist. Whats the reason for this?

yada yada remasters ar horrible yada yada

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