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Photos won’t load

Photos won’t load

Spotify was working fine yesterday, but today I opened it and a lot of the pictures on it won’t load. Some will, but only 4 or 5. There isn’t a problem with the music but the fact that I can’t see photos is unnerving. I depend on the photos to actually know what song Im listening to and pick the playlist I want since im used to them. I tried the website, the app, I cleared my cache and deleted any downloads, I closed and opened my internet, I tried what I’ve seen others answer to similar questions, and I followed steps to do a clean reinstall but it’s still the same as before. I don’t understand what the problem is? What else can I try to make it work? 




Saudi Arabia 




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Hi Sarah! From this community thread, it looks like this many other users were also experiencing this issue but that it is now resolved for them. Has it also been resolved for you?


Yes It actually works now, I’m so glad it does. Thank you to whoever fixed

Glad to hear it's working again!

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