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Playlist Empty - Concertrated Scratch

Playlist Empty - Concertrated Scratch



Not sure if anyone can help or if Spotify monitor these posts but I have been listening to a playlist for the last few weeks and all of a sudden it show up as Playlist Empty!


The Playlist is still there -

But now it is empty of songs!





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Thanks for pointing this out, I have escalated your post, all that we can do now is wait and see. Should be a fix coming, as there was another playlist like this and it got corrected within a week or so.

Sadly for me this great playlist is still empty 😞



Hey Jay,


no this still hasnt been resolved. thanks for your help

Yup still no response or answer on this!



Hey there!


Sometimes playlists come and go, and some playlists get revived and others are not updated or refreshed with new content anymore. Even the titles of playlists will change from time to time as well. Always a good idea to save favorite songs to your own personal playlist archive or backup you might be using.

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