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Playlist description inquiry

Playlist description inquiry

Hey there community.
I've been searching for a while looking for a solution or a helping hand.
I have a playlist running and I would like to attach my inbox playlist to this with a clickable link in my playlist description.
I can't seem to find out how to make that work, I've tried pasting the INBOX link in my playlist description, however this just shows the full web address and not just a clickable link.
I've seen a few playlists where this works, so I was hoping someone here in the community could advise me on how to proceed or succeed with this.
Very best regards


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Hey there,


Thanks for coming to the Community!


I recommend you to select a text in the playlist description, then click "Insert link" and then paste the URL of the playlist without https:// or anything similar.


Hope this helps! 🙂

Hey there

Thanks for reaching out and trying to help.
For some reason I don't see the "insert link" button. Do I need to be a verified playlist curator or anything to be able to see it?

Can you please send me a screenshot of what you're seeing? 

Hey - It looks like this 🙂


Hi there,


Unfortunately only verified profiles can insert links into the playlist description.


Thanks, have a great day!  🙂

Thanks for your help.
I'm a verified artist, however I can see I created this playlist with my premium spotify user.
That might be the case.
Anyway thanks for your help and time again.

Hope all is well with everyone. Would really appreciate if you could check out our new single and let us know what you think.  Appreciated!

Hello! I have exactly the same problem. I cannot insert a link into the playlist description.
I am managing different verified artist pages of mine and am using the desktop app on a Mac.
I cannot see any "insert link" option when editing the playlist description.


Also I don't understand the difference of a verified artist account and my user account. Isn't it the same as I log into  and edit in Spotify for Artists with my Spotify user account??


Can someone be so kind and explain it a bit more detailed, thank you!

There is a difference between verified users and verified artists. Only verified users can add links to playlists.


As far as I know verification can be requested by Spotify licensing partners only meaning you have to have a direct contract with Spotify or work with a distributor willing to submit the verification request to you (which is very rare). You must also meet certain requirements and verification is decided on on a case-by-case basis. Of course Spotify may also verify profiles on their own without the verification being requested first. This however has nothing to do with a verified artist page. Most verified users are record labels.


Spotify for Artists allows you to manage your artist page. Artist pages aren't accounts and can't be used to log in on Spotify. 

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