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Playlists "claiming "New Releases - not updated

Playlists "claiming "New Releases - not updated

Has anyone else noticed that some Spotify Curated Playlists that contain the phrase "new releases" in the title or the description of that playlist aren't actually being updated?


I have run into this before but specifically on the Comedy New Releases playliat and the Comedy Top tracks. Neither of these have had anything added to the playlist since January 2016. I guess its kind of a personal pet peeve, but don't over promise if you can't deliver.

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I know I'm late..
but yes, this really irritates me. There seems to be nothing new in the comedy section since Q1 2016. I have now listened to quite literally every stand up album on there and can never seem to find more.
The only CD on 'new releases' is Weird Al's which has been there well over a year now! Perhaps the guy in charge of the comedy section at Spotify just doesn't do his job and nobody has noticed yet (bar us, of course).

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