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Podcast Submission Problem

Podcast Submission Problem

Hello all.


I submitted my podcast, Walnut GroveCast about 3 weeks ago and it is not showing up in search and when I go to resubmit (thinking I did something wrong) it says "This podcast is already on Spotify. Contact your Spotify podcast account manager or reach us at...." and even loads to the right  (no artwork though) Screenshot 2019-02-18 12.11.54.png


I emailed the supplied email over a week ago with no response so I thought I would reach out here.

Can someone help?  I'll adjust my feed if needed but I am not getting any hints to the problem minus the missing artwork (which I confirmed is good)



2 Replies

Hey @ontheodd, welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Since you've already reached out to Spotify Support through email, I'd recommend replying to the automated email you've received and an agent should be there to help you out soon.

Have a great day 🙂

Hey @mjeacoma!


I'm a podcast host myself, and I submitted my podcast through Podbean ( It took over 2 months for the podcast to finally arrive on Spotify but once it did, everything went smoothly and it updated always without problems.


So, I suggest you to hang on tight and I'm sure it will be submitted soon enough. If not,  Spotify or Walnut GroveCast will notify you about this.


I hope this helps!

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