Policy Report Takedown Notification

Policy Report Takedown Notification

So, one of my playlists got a bit big a while ago and suddenly I was hit with this "Policy Report Notification" email saying my playlist violates the Spotify content policies - but I knew it didn't. The image, title and description of my playlist were taken down, although they are 100% clean and copyright free.


So naturally, I just put it back up and moved on. But not even an hour later, I get another email. "Policy Report Notification". It kept going on like this for days until I blocked all the people I could find that had a similar playlist to mine which seemed to solve it.


Fast forward to yesterday and I got another dreaded Policy Report Notification email, with my playlist being taken down. After putting it back up, not even a minute later it was taken down again. My playlist was getting instantly removed.

I tried messaging Spotify customer service and their reply was basically "we know, there's nothing we can do about it" ... huh? So record labels or malicious people who want their playlist to be the top/only one with a playlist name or vibe get to bot innocent people's playlists and Spotify does absolutely nothing.


The only solution for this at the moment is to run some complicated code - which I don't know how to work or to PAY MONEY for a company to do it for you. As a premium subscriber, I don't want to pay even more money to enjoy Spotify. I've loved curating and crafting this playlist and to have it taken down with so many followers is really disheartening.


The fact that Spotify knows this is happening and basically says "deal with it" is really frustrating. The suggested solution has been up for years yet nothing has been done. I'm surprised that this has been on for this long. This is really poor for premium subscribers who pay money for Spotify's service. I'm reconsidering my Premium sub.


(If someone from Spotify mentions the "live idea" in the comments, I'll cry.)

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I am having this same issue. Someone is targeting my playlist of Britpop because it reached a few thousand likes. Been taken down 3 times in 3 days. 
nothing offensive. No violation of any terms and conditions. 

No solutions given except to keep putting it back up and then either; block everyone who has a similar playlist; or start targeting back other users with similar playlist and hope that one of the people you target is the guilty offender . Sounds like a toxic community to me. 

Needs to be some protection and a real solution. 
If a playlist is reported, then Spotify should actually look at the playlist first, assess it and make the right decision. Not just believe the liar and take it down. 

I made that playlist in 2018. There’s been 4 years of no problems. Then someone comes along and wants more likes on their playlist! So they do this by taking down mine! Horrible community to be in. Users who report should be vetted. The report should be vetted. 
Again, toxic and horrible community otherwise. 

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