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Presale Codes. Who gets them?


Presale Codes. Who gets them?

Does anyone know how to get the Metallica presale code?


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Hey folks! Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


Spotify sends out pre-sale codes to the top fans of an artist or band, based on streaming data. There's more information about Fan First emails here. If you haven't received an email with a pre-sale code, I'm afraid you're not eligible for this one.


To make sure you'll receive Fan First emails in the future make sure you’ve opted in to the emails and that Spotify has your correct email address.


Let me know if you guys have any other questions.


Hope you're having an awesome day and keep rocking! 🙂

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Hey @steelersfanpa! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Pre-sale codes are sent to people who listen to an artist a lot according to Spotify's info. If you haven't received a pre-sale code, I'm afraid you are not eligible for this one.

You can read more about pre-sale codes on this page!

Have a nice day and keep on rockin'! 🙂

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Thanks for the info!  Greatly appreciated!

I listen to Metallica all the time on my Spotify account. I have not received a presale code. Please advise.

Same here I listen to them a lot..  how will we recieve the code if we do..?

Why would anyon not be eligible if we pay for a monthly service subscription? Presale codes should be available to all Spotify subscribers. 

I would like a code too.  I listen to Metallica and want to see them live for once.  Come on.

Also a premium member who listens to Metallica all the time. Needing that code.

I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find presale code for North Little Rock Arkansas.  Tickets go on sale at 10:00am CST.  I need that code ... please.  

Is there one for Saskatoon, SK, Canada?

This is Weak Sauce and a bad PAYING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

Why tempt us with presale and then not give it to us?  Terrible marketing and UX here Spotify.


Rule #1 - don't fu*k your paying customers.



No kidding, We pay for the premium service and should be able to reap the benfits and get the metallica presale code. I listen to all kinds of music, which is why i like spotify. But i have never recieved a presale code for any of those artists either.....

I'm a member, I haven't received any email for Metallica pre-sale 

I haven't received email for a Metallica password code for Saskatoon pre-sale ., pre-sale starts tomorrow 

We are (maybe soon to be were) premium members. My kids listen to Metallica constantly and are dying to go to one of these shows.  They have never seen them.  What do you have to do;;;listen to them 16 hrs a day or something?  Weak, very weak.  False advertising.  Think it's time to go back to amazon music.

i need the code to for Winnipeg

Send out a pre-sale code for Metallica or you'll have one less paid user today. 

metallica is my #1 most listened to artist and last year i listened to over 48k minutes of music.  I never recieved a code..  


Spotify... seriously? You're gonna hold out on your paying customers? I have my own Metallica playlist (among many others), and would appreciate some reciprocal loyalty.  

That doesn’t make any sense because I received a pre sale code for Avenged Sevenfold through Spotify and I don’t even follow them on here..... I have a Metallica playlist and listen to them daily and I pay for premium..... Yet no code ??? 

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