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Problem with **bleep** Filters on Spotify Community

Problem with **bleep** Filters on Spotify Community

So for a while now I weekly updated a Chart list of the Top 100 Artists on Spotify and it happened to me already 4 times that **bleep** filters will delete my topic after I update it.Why you might ask?, well I sometimes have to update the list two times back to back since updating a huge 100 position Chart can take some time, because I have to check the monthly listeners for every artist manual, so sometimes I get an overtime error which will not save the update; so I copy paste before saving and when this error occurs I just copy and paste the Chart; which will then get marked as **bleep** and causes my topic to get deleted due to a False Positiv. 

I'm actually pretty fed up with this and will no longer be updating or posting any more topics on this side, since I think I wasted enough of my time on this.

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Why does this side **bleep** words like S P A M or the number 6 9??

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