Quality of Discover Weekly playlist content has dropped

Quality of Discover Weekly playlist content has dropped


I'm a big fan of discovering new music on Spotify, so I enjoy listening to the Discover Weekly playlist a lot. However, today I noticed that my current list contains a lot of songs I've heard before. Not just once, or on another platform, but on Spotify, in other playlists. It kind of defeats the purpose of discovering something new every week?! So I was wondering if the algorithm behind that particular playlist has been changed lately, or I'm just overly sensitive about having to skip songs because they are old/redundant to me?


Looking forward to any feedback - maybe other listeners have the same or similar experience?

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I can relate to what you're going through in regard to 'Discover Weekly'. Some weeks are pretty so-so while others are like "Holy Moses these are my new favourite songs!" Now I listen to wide-ranging variety of stuff and I have compiled a lot of playlists, so maybe the algorithm has clocked that and is presenting me with varying genres and songs I haven't heard before.


I totally agree quality has gone down a lot recently. I’ve had several weeks as you describe...same songs over and over.


I can relate to what you say but I'm quite confident it's 99% cause you probably started listening to a wider range of music.


My suggestion is to keep your listening within your boundaries; that's what I started doing lately and kinda helped.


Let me explain further: if a friend of mine suggests me to listen to (just to make an example) Despacito 2 and I go on listening to Latin music for a week while my standard rotation is basically Black Metal/Alternative Rock, maybe my next Discover Weekly could be afflicted by these new kind of listening.


So, use Spotify for the music/genre/artists you truly love while discover or have a first taste of brand new music on other medias.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


To better tailor your Discover Weekly playlists to your tastes, make sure to select the "Like" or "Don't like" option that appears next to each song title.  I find that my Discovery Weekly can be hit or miss each week just because Spotify has no way of knowing exactly what songs I will like, but I've made sure to rate every song for the past few weeks, and as a result, have been getting much more music that I both like and haven't heard before.


I hope this helps!

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