Help me to find a song


Help me to find a song


By March 10th I was listening a song in my Discover Weekly.

I loved that song but I didn't saved.

It was a female voice, singing alone, very calm, I think it's alternative or indie.

The song is about giving hopes when you don't really mean a relationship, something about:

why don't you saaay, if you don't need me

why you say if you don't mean it

leave my heart in pain


If you new this song, please let me know.

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Hi @anagimenes thanks for writing!


That's a hard one. But if you really want to find this song, maybe you could create a playlist adding similar songs to it (search in your Discover Weekly and Daily Mixes).


Then keep an eye on the Recommend Songs and you might find it there eventually.


Good luck!

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maybe this will help:

you can just type in some lyrics you remember, and maybe it will find the song you mean 😉

hope this helps, have a good day