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What's the  maximum number of song that can be queued?

I've a playlist with over 140 song, but when I play it, only first 90 song get on the queue.


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Hi, good question!

Actually from what I have personally noticed the queue on the desktop adds about 81 songs in one go to the queue and I have not counted for the mobile apps but that should be the same.


There is nothing to worry about here, your playlists are played completely and nothing is skipped. The way it works is once you are done playing something and move on, it moves the list up and adds the next one to the queue. Imagine if you have a playlist with 1000 songs and they are all added to the queue in one go, that will rather mess things up and look bad. All your songs are added to the queue but only a few are shown to not make it cluttered.


Another thing is, if you add songs to the queue by pressing Add to Queue, they will be added without removing the last one in the queue. That increases the count from 81. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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thank you for the reply, in my experience the playlist is not played completely and if you press randomize I would expect all the songs in the playlist are considered and this isn't happening.


If you "add to queue" anyway you cannot go to specified position and play new added songs as I go to last song in queue and double click, it should start play and load some others. 

Right now if you double click nothing happen, doesn't even start play, need to change playlist to start playback of any song.



For some reason when im adding songs to my queue and the number of songs reaches around 100 it sometimes deletes almost all of the songs i added only leaving five or six songs that i most recently added to the queue. I want to find out how to fix this and/or why it's happening because it is very frustrating.



Thanks for reaching out. Can you please provide us the following info:

  • Does this behaviour happen every time?
  • When did it first occur?
  • Can you please provide as a screen recording of the exact issue?
  • Can you send us the exact OS and Spotify versions of your device?

Then we will gladly look into this for you.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your response.

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