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Radio Mode is buggy

Radio Mode is buggy



I'm used to a pretty functional "Radio Mode" from Google Play Music. On Spotify this feature is sadly very far from functional.

I'm mainly talking about "Song" based radio, but it applies to Genre based as well.



Here is what happens:


I start a Sond Radio based on a certain title. Here's an example:


This is a classical (Romantic) piece by Tschaikowsky, his Rome and Juliet Suite. As you can see, the resulting "Radio" is all over the place, and it leaves the classical genre at the second track already. This is unacceptable.

I thought it was a glitch, and gave the strange "Novacord" thingy a "Thumbs Down" to see if that fixes the selection. Sadly, it does not. The "Radio" insists on playing several tracks from the "Novacord" Album, and other stuff that has no discernible connection to Tschaikowsky at all. While there are some "fitting" tracks in the mix, most of the stuff is completely unrelated.


Why does this happen? It's not even an isolated event, it happens very often, but not always. On Google Music I never ran into a single "out of genre" track in several months of useage.


apart from the annoying genre jumps, I also frequently see Spotify grabbing cheap ringtone or keyboard arrangements in "Playlist of the Week" or "Radio" selections. Like John Williams "Star Wars - A New Hope - Hologram Binary Sunset" where it did not use the original recording, but this one: which is completely unlistenable...


Is there any chance of finally killing this insane behaviour? I left Spotify years ago, because it kept throwing "pop versions" of classical pieces into the mix, and now it appears nothing much has changed over all that time???


Other Services can do this just fine, so it's not an unsolveable problem...

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Thank you for your feedback.


A few things, can not offer much more at this moment as nothing is official yet of what might be coming with regards to the radio in the Spotify service. There is though currently for users who have the Spotify app on iPhones, there is testing going on with a focused direction with the radio features, which is being done publically currently with random users. Personalized Radio Stations you might consider giving this idea some support here: might be what you are wanting to see, so radio stations are much more tailored to your listening habits?

Actually I'm okay with the way Radio works, my problem is simply that it's not working properly...
Having "new" radio modes would be nice, but I'd be happy if the available (Song/Album based) radio would work as advertised, and not wander off course...

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