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Re: 2020 Wrapped (Share yours with us)

Re: 2020 Wrapped (Share yours with us)

Yo Spotify i have a huge problem.... I´ve been already a premium user for a couple years or at least more than a year... last december i gto my TOP songs of the 2019, and most played songs etc.... they were for me like a huge gifts from you guys... it really was a huge gratefull happy surprise.... this year.... the complete opposite i open the playlist haopoy to play it, and i find that more than half of the songs are NOT MY TOP SONGS of the year for sure.... I HATE reggeaton.... and the list is almost completely reggeaton!!!! Do you know how sad and frustrating this is? This is commercial SH%&/T please!!!! i beg you! plesa clean my playlist from commercial stuff... and really make my top played songs a real gift and a real MY TOP SONGS.... it is frustrating... I am a premuim user and a main reason to be oine is not to hear awfull commercial music please dont do this to me... in fact to anyone.... i hope someone from spotify listens to this.... imagine you like rock and you get a reggeaton CD as a gift... its almost a kick in the nuts MAN! PLEASE! 

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Hi @hectorcosio83,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


I’m sorry to hear that your 2020 Wrapped experience was not as expected; I recommend checking out this Spotify Answer regarding potential reasons why this may be the case.


Unfortunately, Spotify is unable to update your 2020 Wrapped statistics or playlist, as they are based on your account's listening history. However, you can be sure that Spotify is sending feedback about this to the right teams and is working on improving the Wrapped experience each year.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Hi, @hectorcosio83 by your name I'm guessing you speak Spanish right? If I'm wrong 

let me know please...


Pero si es así te quiero decir que aunque desconosco que te gusta escuchar te puedo sugerir musica no comercial, en mi caso es lo que me gusta escuchar y es lo que busco, claro esta que esto no sustituye ni soluciona tu problema pero bueno puede ser una fuente de nuevos descubrimientos... te recomiendo revisar mi perfil para ver si algo de lo que tengo ahí te agrada.





JpgchiefRock Star 14
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