Recreate my running mix


Recreate my running mix


Since Spotify retired the "my running mix" feature I'm not impressed with teh remaining running playlists available.  Is there anyway to search/see what items I listed to the most in 2017 so that the tracks that played again and again on that playlist would turn up and I can just rebuild my own personal list????

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I found this article on the Web in relation to running playlist and it is dated to November 2017. It was probably there. Still, as advice, whenever you like a song a lot, it is better to shave it, so you will never leave your favorite music library.
Luck in your search.


Hi there!
If you want to see your most listened tracks of 2017, you can't do that anymore.
2018 Wrapped already came out, and you can only look at your most listened to tracks from 2018 now.
Hope I could help, have a nice day! 🙂