Release Radar Issue


Release Radar Issue

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A weird issue that i've experienced all year long now so I have to jot it down for ya'll to see what the heck is going on. I love the Release Radar but it seems to try too hard for its own good and just ends up failing hard for 50% of my playlist each week. I won't get into all of the matters but i will devulge into the MOST annoying aspect: the innacuracies of the bands that appear that I don't actually follow but have the same name of the bands/artists that i do!


I get bands/artists in my Release Radar all of the time that happen to have the same name as an artist that i actually follow but it is NOT the actual artist - they just happen to share the name but in 100% of these cases that is the ONLY simliliartiy LOL. There is BADDDDD songs that come up. Like, god-awful music.

Just this week I got:

Suicide, Mapson, Liz Harris' song "Hamba Juba" - wth is this?? Yes, i follow the NY Synth punk band SUICIDE featuring Alan Vega + Martin Rev but not this JUNK!

Then i got "Run With Me" by a band called LOVE. Trust me when i say this, this is NOT the Arthur Lee fronted 60's psysch band that I actually follow. This could not be further from!



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Re: Release Radar Issue

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Hey @dragon_sound

As a quick fix for that specific track, choose the cross when its played in the release radar, this shows the algorythm you aren't a fan.

I think this is an exploited "cheat" that small artists are doing at the minute to steal the limelight from the real artists' by using their song name and calling themself the same, Unfortunately I dont think theres much you can do except keep telling Spotifies algorithm you dislike that individuals music.