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Release Radar dont save changes

Release Radar dont save changes

I like the Release Radar in general. And when ever I click on my laptop that I dont like an artist, I get a little popup message, that spotify wont add songs from the band anymore. None the less I keep getting songs from the same bands week after week. The changes/request I make are not saved. Its tiring. 

Am I doing something wrong?







Laptop, Windows 10

1 Reply

Hi @Sofabagger,

thanks for reaching out !


I'd like to start by mentioning that the "Don't Play This/ Hide this song" feature works on Release Radar is playlist specific.

This means that with each new creation of those playlists it's indeed possible that the artist will gets suggested again.


I would recommend you keep expanding your library and using the "like / Don't play this" features and the algorithm will pick up on them.

After a couple of weeks you should start seeing changes in the suggestions you're getting.


In addition, you can also check the artist page and make sure that the ones you don't like are not followed.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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