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Remove - Black Twitter This Week

Remove - Black Twitter This Week

I would like to understand the thinking between "black twitter this week" being stuck on the homepage.

Is this part of a rollout of a campaign and who was consulted in this as appears to be a company appropriating and capitalising off "black culture" and given the reference of playlists suggested, it falls into suspicious eye of lazy tropes regarding a limited nature of topics black people are interested in, perceptions with real world consequences many are having to fight and overcome everyday. Is there asian twitter this week? Is there white twitter this week? Or is the black twitter an exception? Why is that? Is music limited to certain people by race or for all?  Why is Spotify racialising its audience - There are further questions to consider. Music is an arm of culture, not definitive of, and there is no homogenity so to authoritatively state this is Black Twitter this week is extremely offensive. I have cancelled my premium in the interim and will see if anyone can respond before I raise this to Ofcom and cancel my account.

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