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Remove Gary Glitter from Official Spotify playlists

Remove Gary Glitter from Official Spotify playlists

I've noticed, to my surprise, that Gary Glitter appears on several official Spotify playlists. For instance: "Himnos de Estadio", "Alitas & Chulas", and at one point "70s Rock Anthems". I appreciate people may want to listen to him because his music was in Joker, but Spotify as a platform should know better than to actively market the music of a convicted paedophile and child abuser. Furthermore, there are ethical issues about how additional streams could result in his making money, case in point here; if he keeps getting regularly streamed on Spotify, non-interactive streams will surely follow.

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I'd like to point out that Gary Glitter has since be reinstated on Spotify's 1.2m follower "70s Rock Anthems" playlist. Could a community manager or similar explain the justification behind this?

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