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Request for Sensitivity in Content Recommendations for Ukrainian Users

Request for Sensitivity in Content Recommendations for Ukrainian Users

Dear Spotify,


I am writing to address a concern that has significant cultural and emotional implications for many of your users, particularly in Ukraine. As you are aware, the ongoing imperialistic russian war in Ukraine, has had profound and painful effects on the lives of millions of Ukrainians. The war, marked by severe trauma, loss, and displacement, has deeply impacted the Ukrainian people's relationship with Russian language and culture.


In this context, a lot of Ukrainian users of Spotify have reported the platform's algorithm frequently recommending Russian content. This includes users who have not previously engaged with such content or have actively avoided it. For many, the Russian language has become inextricably linked to the suffering and anguish caused by the russians. Consequently, encountering Russian content on a platform intended for entertainment and relaxation can be distressing and triggering.


While I recognize Spotify's commitment to offering a diverse range of content to its global audience, I believe it is crucial to consider the unique and sensitive situation faced by Ukrainian users. To address this, I propose the following solutions:

  1. Opt-Out Feature for Specific Content: Implement a feature allowing users to opt out of content from specific languages or regions. This will enable Ukrainian users to avoid Russian content and create a more comfortable and personalized listening experience.

  2. Sensitive Content Recommendations: Enhance the recommendation algorithm to be more sensitive to the geopolitical context. This could involve reducing the frequency of Russian content suggested to users in Ukraine or those who have a history of engaging with Ukrainian content.

  3. User Feedback Integration: Incorporate user feedback mechanisms to understand and adapt to individual preferences, especially in regions experiencing conflict or tension.

I understand that music and podcasts are universal languages that transcend borders and conflicts. However, in times of turmoil and strife, the cultural and linguistic nuances become more pronounced and carry a deeper significance. My request is not about limiting cultural exchange but about providing a safe and considerate listening environment for all your users, respecting their emotional and cultural contexts.

I hope Spotify will consider this request seriously and take steps to ensure its platform remains a source of comfort and enjoyment for everyone, regardless of their geopolitical situation.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

645 Replies

 is it you? Looks like you already are.


and here is a walking depiction why russia is a fascist society. musicians whining about being canceled while supporting ongoing genocide of Ukrainians. pathetic. 

Perfect example of why ruzzia should be kicked out of all the western platforms. They want to create their own world, let them use ruzzian technology and services to stream ruzzian content. 


Why is Spotify supporting terrorism?

Hello Spotify people, how much do we need to wait until you reply at least something? I'm in the middle to switch to some other streaming service because of annoying recommendations of russian music

Spotify should really think about excluding Russian musical artists from its platform because their music, they actually help fund the Russian war machine. Just recently, Russia launched a high-tech missile strike on Ukraine's main national children's hospital, causing lots of casualties and massive damage. Plus, Russia has been officially recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism, which just shows how they systematically support terrorist activities. Given all this, Spotify needs to take action to make sure it doesn't end up supporting an economy that fuels such aggression and terror.


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