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Request to add missing important songs to the database

Request to add missing important songs to the database

Hello, as a paying premium user, I'd love to have ALL the important music within the Spotify collection. Unfortunately, some of the most important songs within the history of music are missing.

This is a list of songs I could not find within Spotify, which I am going to update continuously, as I discover more missing songs: 


3-O-Matic - Success

Activate - I say what I want

B. G. The Prince of Rap - If I can't love you

B3 - I.O.I.O

Cape 4 - Africa (DJ Helios Remix)

Club Invaders vs. Miss Thunderpussy - Mirage

Das Modul - 1100101

Das Modul - Fruehlingsgefuehle

Das Modul - Kleine Maus

Decadance - Bailemos

Deejay Y - Wonderland

DJ Digress - Baila Para Mi

DJ Elb - Relieve my pain

DJ Mind-X - Voyage

DJ Rob vs. Bar feat. Roxy - Come together

DJ Rodd-Y-ler - Seductions

DJ Valium - Bring the Beat back

E-Rotic - King Kong

Face II Face - I want you

Fractal 4 - The promised land

II Young II Rave - Song for You

Imperio - Cyberdream

Imperio - Luna Noctis

Imperio - Phantasia

Imperio - Wings of Love

Marc van Linden - The last Unicorn (Lightforce Radio Edit)

Max Deejay - U got to let the music

Maxx - Get away 2013

Miss Shiva - Dreams

Moratto with Scarlett - Radar System

Papa Bear feat. Van Der Toorn - Cherish

Plastic Angel - Schatten 99

Redcode - Miracles

S E X Appeal - Voulez vous coucher avec moi

SMP feat. DJ T-Kay - The Flight (Club Mix)

SMP feat. DJ T-Kay - The Flight (Original Radio Edit)

Stefan Raab - Hier kommt die Maus

Sunflower - You make me feel so good (Paragod Remix)

The Nation - Herz aus Schokolade

Thomas Forstner - Nur ein Lied

U96 - Seven Wonders

X-Ander feat. Maddy - Die Musikmaschine (Maschine Radio Mix)

X-Ander feat. Maddy - Die Musikmaschine (Analogik Radio Mix)




















2 Replies

Hello, welcome to our community! I hope I was able to explain your question well: Unfortunately, at the moment, the only way for songs to be published on Spotify is through a partnership with an aggregator, partner companies that publish songs at the request of labels, authors and artists. There is no way to publish a new song without the developers doing it with the help of an aggregator. Sorry, we can't be of much help in this case. Because only the owners of the works can publish. Strong hug and a great week!

Hello, thanks for quick answer! I see that companies can decide to do business with Spotify as partner companies or not. Since Spotify is a flatrate streaming service (and a good one too!), some companies may choose to go for other kinds of earning money, e. g. selling CDs or "selling downloads" etc..  As a customer I am looking for a unified environment / software / service, where I can have all music in one app for convenience. I am not willing to start up the CD player just to listen to one song that is not part of the Spotify database. That is very unconvenient. So, I'd love to have the added possibility to "buy downloads" at extra one-time cost in case they are not part of the Spotify premium flatrate database, and from then on have them included in my personal Spotify playlists. I think it is legal to "rip" CDs for personal use, since the music on the CDs is already paid by the customer, right? If so, it would be more convenient to NOT buy CDs, but just buy the individual songs as downloads instead and have them automatically added to my personal Spotify playlists! Great idea - isnt't it?

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