Reuploading remastered songs - don't want them linked!


Reuploading remastered songs - don't want them linked!


Our debut album was released and then taken down within a few months due to mastering issues (it hadn't been mastered properly).  Since then it's been mastered professionally.


We're now preparing to release singles in the coming months from the album, but I don't want the songs to accidentally be linked to the first upload and be hidden as new releases and miss out on potential 


Is there anything i can do to prevent this?  It will be essentially a new version, new ISRC.  


Does the mastering change the audio fingerprint enough to not link to a previously uploaded (but taken down) version?


Will they treat the new remastered uploads as new songs? If not what can i do to change them?


Should i write anything next to the title so the text is different (like 'Track name' (Remastered).


Any advice gratefully received.