Right-Wing Bands on Spotify


Right-Wing Bands on Spotify


Hi everyone. In the last weeks I have been digging around and searching for bands on Spotify which directly or indirectly support right wing ideologies.

I use Spotify daily and enjoy it very much, however I see the large amount of artists on this platform belonging to and promoting either extreme right-wing ideas or "only" populist right-wing themes as a big big problem.


All in all I managed to find sixty-nine artists that by my definition belong to the right-wing spectrum.


Spotify is today used to a very large extend by young adults, almost everyone is using Spotify from the age of 15/16 today. Young adults are very easy to influence in that age and Spotify has to understand what responsibility it has when it enables artists to promote hatred and right-wing ideology on its platform. There just cannot be any space for right-wing artists to promote their songs (and earn money) on the biggest streaming-platform of the world.


I have informed Spotify about the bands I could find but I am at the same time sure that I have only scratched the surface, I just have no idea about the right-wing scene in asia for example.


The reason why I wanted to make a post here was to show anyone interested my list of artists which I consider to be on the political right and which infringe on the guidelines set by Spotify and thus should be taken down from the platform.

I am sure that not everyone will agree on all of these artists since most artists nowadays refrain from explicitly stating their political views either to reach a wider audience or to evade censorship. This leaves room for interpretation and discussion.


I urge Spotify to take action and delete as many artists as possible on the list since they do nothing but spread hatred and violence.