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STOP With the Trojan Condom Ads

STOP With the Trojan Condom Ads

Stop with the Trojan Condom Ads. It’s ridiculous how many times I hear them. I supposedly got 30 minutes of ad free listening just to hear the **bleep** ad ten minutes later. It’s as if the ad was built to make people uncomfortable. I have one song in all of my playlists that’s even remotely sexual but the ads come along in full force. I’ve downvoted it to oblivion but it still comes around again. Sometimes it disappears for a day or two, but then it comes back and I hear it nearly 50 times in a day. The ASMR style ad is just uncomfortable to listen to as if the ad is leaning over your shoulder shunning you for something you did. This is the reason I can’t freely listen to Spotify out in the open.


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Hey @Link734, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Your feedback is appreciated and I'll make sure to pass it to the right folks. In the meantime, I'd recommend adding your support to this idea about introducing an ads filter.


I hope this helps, if you need help with anything in the future, don't hesitate to reach back out 🙂 

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Same thing with me. I am TIRED of these stupid trojan ads. I am trying to listen to my brother's 80s rock playlist on my speakers and every once and a while, the ad appears, playing louder than all of the music I have listened to, it got me in trouble with my parents (I'm a literal minor). They are mad about it too. Spotify should either stop playing these ads or just create a filter. I have my account to my actual age so I thought it shouldn't be playing this type of stuff but I guess everyone needs to know about trojan condoms.

Hey there @grant14,


Sorry to hear that this is happening with this particular ad.


You can report it here, providing the details requested. The reports from that page are being passed on to the ads team regularly.


Take care!

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