Same name, same account, different artists

Same name, same account, different artists


Hi, my name is Francesco Gatto and I put my first song, "13", today on Spotify.
But there's a problem. In the same artist account there are song from another artists, that is called like me, Francesco Gatto. There are two albums, and every song from these albums are cover of great italian songs. I don't know how I can fix this problem. I thought when my song was published, another profile would be created. 

If you search "Francesco Gatto", you find a profile :

My album : 13
His albums : Souvenir D'Italy, Dance le monde


I hope that someone can help me.


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Hi there!

Thanks for posting to the Community, and thanks for publishing your tunes on Spotify 🙂 You'll need to reach out to your distributor or aggregator about this one, and they'll work with Spotify to get this fixed!

Find out more at the Spotify Artists FAQ:


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