Same song, different track titles.


Same song, different track titles.



I was listening to a song called Interstellar by Hans Zimmer

It's a slower version of the Interstellar theme song and i liked it alot, then i stumbled on another song called cornfields chase, but the thing is, the track i linked below is not the original Cornfields chase song from Hans Zimmers interstellar album.

We can tell it's the same song with different names. So there must be an error. This is the wierd part. I checked out Hans Zimmers Interstellar album on google play because i wanted to buy this song, but it does not exist in his own album. Also on wikipedia, nothing there. Well the cornfield chase song is there but its not the same song as those i linked, because they are not the right ones. (spotify error?) There are only songs that remind of this ones. Does anyone have any answers? i've been googling and youtubing like a maniac and unable to find any answers. 

If you know the real song name i would love you forever.