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Separate Artist with Same Name

Separate Artist with Same Name

When I listen to all track by Toto I get both group Toto and the artist Toto.

How do I change this to only be the group?

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The quickest way to get the albums by just the band Toto is to save those albums when at the artist page. By each album cover art there is a circle with three dots inside, click it and a context menu will open, the top option under Play is the Save option of that album, click Save as well and those Albums will be saved under YOUR MUSIC under Albums. To get to those saved albums of Toto go to YOUR MUSIC under Albums, the albums by Toto should show up there. Please note there is currently a 10,000 tracks limit in YOUR MUSIC, so you should think ahead about creating a playlist soon and adding those Toto albums to it, just in case you reach the track limit sometime in the future you can unsave content under YOUR MUSIC and quickly save other things later on.

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