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Shuffle not being random enough

Shuffle not being random enough

When using shuffle through my 'Songs' for the last couple of days the shuffle fucntion has not been working very randomly. It had always seemsed like te songs I already listened to had a higher likelyhood of coming up on shuffle but now when I shuffle I can be almost sure that more than one of 20 (of my most listened?) songs will be in there, even though my whole song library list is over 2000 songs long. Can we be given the option to turn this changed randomization off or is it simply a bug that will be fixed? I do not want to listen to the same song every hour. Shuffle helped to keep my entire library fresh without having to make new playlists every day, but now it seems like I will have to do just that if I truly want a new selection of songs every time...

2 Replies

Dear Jesseb.
It's called "Shuffle" just that shuffles all music in your Library.
But you sayed that when clicking "SHUFFLE" the same music shown twice or more. This depends on the way your Library is Sorted. So If you own a smartphone and you are Subscribed for Free, You cannot pause "SHUFFLE".
Try pausing it in a PC.

I have the same problem.  I like all of the music on my playlist, but when using the shuffle option, it only cycles randomly through a popular subset, which is frustrating.  Can fully random shuffle be an option?

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